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About Tamara Stone - Doula & Photographer - South West

About Tamara Stone

Ashbrook Imagery & Belly Power Doula Services

About my Doula Services - Belly Power Doula

I am a mother of four wonderful boys and my family and I live in Donnybrook, WA. The birth of my first son was an induced labour with a posterior positioned baby. It was long, hard and confusing (my books didn’t tell me how to cope with this!) and very scary for not only myself but also my hubby. My second and third labours were much the same and I just came to except that was just how birth went

I did my Doula training with Australian Doulas in 2006 when my 3rd son was 13 months old. When I became pregnant with baby number four, my husband and I knew birth could be so much better and decided that a water birth was going to help make it amazing. The water provided wonderful pain relief and I felt I had total control, I was the only person to touch my sons head as he was being born and it was my hands that brought him to the surface to meet his mummy and daddy. The power and pride I felt within myself was breath taking and something that will be carried in my heart forever.

Each of my births have taught me many things but some of the most important things I have learnt is how vital it is for the parents-to-be to feel supported, safe and positive, and have great confidence in their body’s ability to birth their baby, The old saying ‘Knowledge is power’ is so true and what I believe helped me to achieve my dream water birth in a hospital with my fourth son.

Women along with their partners have the right to be well informed and to choose the birth their desire.

Child birth is the most amazing journey for a couple to embark on. As a doula, I hope to make it an empowering and positive experience while creating a soothing and calming environment. I consider it a privilege to be able to walk alongside a woman and their partners through the most amazing experience of their lives. To see the look of ecstatic pride on the new parents faces as they see their new baby for the first time is the ultimate reward.

Placenta Encapsulation has also become a great passion of mine and is teaching me things that I find extremely fascinating. Placenta are too often disregarded as waste after a birth, but it is becoming increasingly clear with research that they continue to be useful and provide lots of health benefits when ingested by the mother.

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About my Photography Services - Ashbrook Imagery

My interest in photography goes back a few years but was never taken seriously until around 4 years ago.

I started photographing my sons racing their motorbikes, learning how to be quick at changing my camera settings.

Birth has always made my soul sing and to be in the birth room is a privilege and honour, to be in the room photographing such a powerful and intimate time in a couple’s lives is something I can’t really describe. The fact that I then get to take beautiful images of their babies is massive to me.

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